Madness is the emergancy exit.

17. Ireland. Lover of things. Anyone can be a hero and you have stolen my heart.


When your favorite character gets injured


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Nightwing (x)

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It was a form of procrastination, okay.

Perfect in every way

this is so perfect

This is all extremely true.

Irish tumbro hosts, we never did cover the “beating people up with sticks while the entire Ireland cheers” portion of my tour, did we?

We didn’t! That’s Hurling, the world’s fastest field sport. It features 30 lads from Kerry with what are essentially giant wooden swords (bound with metal at one end) firing a rock-solid ball (that more resembles a very large bullet) at each others’ faces and running around a field larger than a rugby pitch for more than an hour. This is not a professional sport by the way. These guys are all amateurs who compete at a national level in the sport of beating-the-shit-out-of-other-Kerry-lads-with-sticks and then go home and go out to work. It’s a part of Irish history at this stage, with 3000 years of lads running around beating seven shades out of each other. Now, with such a fast moving and violent sport I’m sure you’re well aware that protection is important, that’s why all players come to the field armoured up in… a jersey and a pair of shorts. It wasn’t until 2010 that wearing helmets became compulsory and even then there were a lot of people who thought it betrayed the true spirit of the sport.

bless u, my informational irish fairy friend

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Douglas Booth as Harry Villiers | The Riot Club


Douglas Booth as Harry in The Riot Club (x)


u ok patrick


Danny sends a muffin basket to his mom.

She inevitably calls and tells him to have go out to dinner and have fun or something, she can’t make it, so he usually goes with friends.

Danny always makes effort. They just…you know, are busy with things going on with them.

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I read on Danny’s Warblerland profile that he has a Nemo plushie and I couldn’t resist.


"Hello, Mr. Abbot. Congratulations on your win!" The interviewer said enthusiastically. She was tall, dressed up in a blazer and a pencil skirt. Danny grinned at her, still absolutely ecstatic from winning…

  • Weasley: Shout out to Thor the pony
  • Weasley: The real star of Dalton
  • June: for reasons not originally suspected
  • Weasley: He has seen so much