Madness is the emergancy exit.

17. Ireland. Lover of things. Anyone can be a hero and you have stolen my heart.

There is literally nowhere else.
I want to believe there is.
But right now…there is just nowhere else safe.


you’re safe as long as you don’t imagine your otp slow dancing to ‘the way you look tonight’ in their pjs in the kitchen of their new house at 3am with their heads resting on each other’s shoulders if you do imagine that then you’re ruined im sorry

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Sam Smith,
In the Lonely Hour (Deluxe Edition)


It felt like fireworks. His body felt alight and burned at his touch. He tasted of alcohol, a lot of alcohol, and coffee. This boy, the one he met on the bridge, was kissing him, and it felt like fireworks inside of him. He had been looking for something to numb whatever it was that he was feeling, but this, this feeling, was so much better. It gave him life again. 

"Stay with me."

Sebastian blinked, and pulled away from him. His eyes found Julian’s, which burned with such intensity that it almost scared him. There was a desperation, as if leaving him now, like this, would kill him. But for some reason, it didn’t scare him. He wanted to stay with him. And he did.

The next morning, Sebastian watched as the actor slept. His head was groggy, his body sore, but he felt a certain spark inside of him. He didn’t want to leave him. He settled back into the mount of blankets and pillows, and he held his breath as sepia eyes locked with his. He wanted to ask him. He wanted to know what he should do. But the look in his eyes said it all.

Stay with me.


don’t buy your girl flowers. flowers die. buy her a potted cactus

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What does Danny do on the bad days? The days when writing Courage isn't enough, and he just wants to disappear, to just end it all? Or does writing that always work? I've been having more bad days than I care to admit lately, and I don't know what to do.
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On the down days, Danny does write Courage, or rewrite it. If that isn’t enough, he leaves and walks. And just walks all around campus. It’s come to the point that if people see Danny walking around—just walking, looking around, no books in hand, no apparent reason—they will come running out of their respective houses (doesn’t matter what House, they see him they invite him in or they run out and talk to him). 

If that STILL doesn’t work, he goes back to the school pool and dives in. He won’t do laps, he won’t do anything except float on his back and stare at the sky, thinking and thinking about the whole world. Literally anything. And then following that train of thought until you don’t know why you suddenly want a sandwich.

The object of this whole exercise is to turn away from the dark thoughts. Being alone in your usual environment won’t help Danny—he had been alone a lot before. He has to go out and look at the world and see other people living their lives and see all the other stuff the world has to offer, float on his back and stare at the sky and making himself understand that there is so much more that he had never seen. He is one person in the world. There is a bigger better world out there and if people like him throw in the towel now, nothing will change for everyone else. Who else might be having this problem? If he got up, if he kept going, he can make change. He could help. He could do better, try as hard as you can.

That no matter how hard the bad times get, the bad times are not enough reason to stop and drop everything, because they are not permanent. That no one knows anything that will happen tomorrow, an hour from now, a minute from now. Everything can change in a second.

And that future is still worth seeing.


When your favorite character gets injured


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Nightwing (x)

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It was a form of procrastination, okay.

Perfect in every way

this is so perfect

This is all extremely true.

Irish tumbro hosts, we never did cover the “beating people up with sticks while the entire Ireland cheers” portion of my tour, did we?

We didn’t! That’s Hurling, the world’s fastest field sport. It features 30 lads from Kerry with what are essentially giant wooden swords (bound with metal at one end) firing a rock-solid ball (that more resembles a very large bullet) at each others’ faces and running around a field larger than a rugby pitch for more than an hour. This is not a professional sport by the way. These guys are all amateurs who compete at a national level in the sport of beating-the-shit-out-of-other-Kerry-lads-with-sticks and then go home and go out to work. It’s a part of Irish history at this stage, with 3000 years of lads running around beating seven shades out of each other. Now, with such a fast moving and violent sport I’m sure you’re well aware that protection is important, that’s why all players come to the field armoured up in… a jersey and a pair of shorts. It wasn’t until 2010 that wearing helmets became compulsory and even then there were a lot of people who thought it betrayed the true spirit of the sport.

bless u, my informational irish fairy friend

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Douglas Booth as Harry Villiers | The Riot Club


Douglas Booth as Harry in The Riot Club (x)